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// Utility Pole Inspections

Intec Services Inc. (INTEC) has the expertise for the inspection and analysis of steel and wood utility structures. INTEC technicians utilize the latest techniques and analysis software to perform intrusive wood pole inspections and remedial preservative treatments. For steel structures, INTEC utilizes NDE technologies to inspect both the upper and lower portions of the structure. This includes both tubular steel and lattice structures. INTEC also has expertise to inspect fiberglass and concrete poles, as well as laminated wood structures, making Intec the leader in Pole Inspection Services.

With its longstanding background in wood pole inspection, Intec understands the effectiveness of a wood pole inspection and maintenance program is dependent upon the experience of inspection personnel. Factors to consider in a thorough inspection include knowledge of the climate of the region, initial treatment adequacy, efficacy and frequency of remedial treatment applications, pole species, age in service, historical performance, and management’s support for the objectives for the program.

Wood pole systems supporting overhead lines are typically properly treated, under-utilized, and conservatively maintained. However, conventional inspection programs rarely attempt to estimate remaining life, define the ability to support the existing load, define safety under certain loading conditions, etc. Intec’s approach goes past conventional practices to incorporate state-of-the-art tools, well-trained staff and methodologies specific to the need.

INTEC was founded in 1992 by EDM International and POWER Engineers for fielding specially trained mobile technicians for the purpose of collecting field data utilizing the latest technologies for both assessment as well as data acquisition. Intec’s Personnel ranges from linemen to trained electrical workers specializing in inspection, data acquisition, and minor repairs of electrical facilities. INTEC’s corporate office is located in Fort Collins, CO, and INTEC’s provides inspection, remedial treatment, and restoration services throughout North America. INTEC is active in many utility trade organizations, including ANSI 05.1, AWPA, and Oregon State University Pole Cooperative.

Additional information on INTEC and the services INTEC provides can be found at www.intecservicesinc.com, or by calling 970.482.6550.